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Ol Tukai Lodge

The Lodge

Ol Tukai Lodge is located right in the central area of Amboseli national park. There are 80 luxury rooms and the private Kibo Villa. Ol Tukai is adjacent one of the big Amboseli swamps, where big numbers of elephants will spend most of the day especially during the dry season. From the bar ans swimming pool, you enjoy a great view of the swamps and Mt. Kilimanjaro, perfect to relax in between gamedrives.


* 80 double and twin room


* Kibo Villa (3 bedrooms)


* some rooms adapted for special needs visitors



* swimming pool

* spa


* wifi


* gift shop


* laundry 


* electricity at fixed hours (generator)

* full board accommodation

* drinks not included


* private gamedrives


* bird watching

* bush dinner (optional)

* Masai cultural visit (optional)


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