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Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is in the south of Kenya and is well known for its magnificent population of elephants as well as wonderful views of Mount Kilimanjaro. 


The Amboseli elephants are being studied since more than 40 years by Cynthia Moss and her colleagues of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project (AERP) and all of them are individually known by name.

Amboseli is not only the home of more than 1600 elephants, but also of many other species such as buffalo, zebra, gazelle, giraffe, wildebeest, lion, cheetah, hyena and waterbuck. Also less common animals like caracal, serval cat, kudu and eland can be found within the park boundaries.

As from July 2022, we will open our own Elephant Garden Camp  in Amboseli, located a few minutes drive from Kimana gate.

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Kimana Sanctuary

Kimana Sanctuary is is a small (5700 acres) but important sanctuary on community land. It is a permanent home for many animals while on the other hand serving as an important link and migration route between Amboseli on one side and Chyulu Hills and Tsavo West on the other side.

In Kimana Sanctuary, you can find many animals such as gazelle, zebra, giraffe, eland, elephants and many more. The Sanctuary is located at about 1hr drive from Amboseli NP. Just like Amboseli, it also has very nice views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kimana Sanctuary can be visited during the dry season on a day trip from Amboseli.

Tortilis Camp

Ol Tukai Lodge

Kibo Safari Camp

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